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Do you want to improve your skills as a public speaker? Become a more mindful professional? Create more effective presentations? Achieve other personal goals? If you do, I can help.

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I am an experienced public speaking coach and a long-time mindfulness practitioner, With over 20 years in Human Resources, I began developing my interest in teaching public speaking and social skills five years ago after I recognized how needed those skills were at corporate and technical meetings, conferences, and networking events. In the process of developing myself as a public speaking coach, I have discovered that mindfulness and personal fulfillment are two of the most critical components for finding one's forte. I have been in New Jersey for twelve years, where I have also been a committed dance teacher, and the mother of two beautiful girls.

I hope we can take one step at a time on this beautiful journey together. I look forward to meeting you soon!

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Cecilia Jackson

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